Campus churches

The Trinity Baptist campus hosts a total of four autonomous churches:

Name: Trinity Baptist Church
Pastor:  Rev. Joe LaGuardia
Phone: 770.922.8944
Discipleship:  Wednesday, 6:00 PM (fellowship hall)
Worship: Sunday, 10:30 AM (Sanctuary)


Name: Grace Community Church
Pastor: Rev. Quincy Barnwell
Phone:  770-655-8770
Discipleship: Tuesday, 6:00 PM (sanctuary)
Worship: Sunday, 8:00 AM (sanctuary)


Name:  Living Waters Seventh Day Adventist Church
Phone: 404-913-5146
Discipleship:  Tuesday, 6:00 PM (chapel)
Worship:  Saturday, 11:00 AM (chapel)



Name:  Bread of Life Moldovan Baptist Church
Discipleship:  Friday, 8:00 PM (chapel)
Worship:  Sunday, 10:00 AM (chapel)


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